Children will get far more out of an author visit if they are already familiar with the author’s books and are anticipating the visit. It’s much easier for me to engage their enthusiasm on the day if it’s already been engaged by one of my books.  Here are some suggestions as to how to achieve this.


Read the books!

This might seem obvious, but some schools don’t introduce my books to the children until after my visit.  Arrange for the library service to provide you with a selection in advance – or you might even buy a few.



Make sure everyone knows about the visit by:-

  • Putting up copies of my author visit poster (see downloads) around the school.
  • Setting up a book display with a selection of my books.
  • Feature the visit as an upcoming event in school newsletters and include my site address so that children can visit the site with their parents and carers.

Visit the web site

Encourage the children to visit this web site.  There are excerpts from all of my books and the Games Section includes games and activities relating to each of them.  As well as interactive online games, such as tile and memory puzzles there are colouring pages, word-searches and spot the difference puzzles that teachers may print out and copy for school use.


Prize Competitions

If you want to organise an art and design competition based on one of my books, I’d be happy to be pick a winner during my visit and donate a signed book as a prize.  You could use one of Art and Design activities from the activities page or choose one of my other books for inspiration.