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A Mouse inside the Marmalade

Illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

There's a mouse inside the marmalade and a bat inside the bread.
A host of hungry animals pop-up all over the pantry, but what will happen when Cook finds out?

Featuring ten fabulous pop-ups!



UK Hardcover • ISBN: 034085457X



US Hardcover • ISBN: 1589256875



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Illustrations © 2002 Caroline Jayne Church. Reproduced by permission of Hodder Children's Books,
a division of Hodder Headline Limited, 338 Euston Road, London, NW1 3BH.

Small children seem to love lift-the-flap books - I know that my own children do. There is something very satisfying about discovering something hidden, even if you have discovered it before. However, there have been hundreds of flap books published and it has become very hard to come up with an original idea.

Like many other flap books, A Mouse inside the Marmalade features hidden animals. To make this book original, I wanted my animals to be hidden somewhere different and unexpected. So all the animals in this book are inside items of food. The fact that most children know that there is something very unhygienic about this only seems to increase the book's appeal.

The second thing I did to try to make this flap-book different was to give it a bit of a story - and to tell that story in rhyme. The other flap books I had looked at all used a simple repetitive wording, page after page, until the final spread. The text of this book is equally simple, but the lift-the-flap pages showing the animals raiding the larder are interspersed with flat pages that show the progress of the cook. The cook is seen waking up and making his way to the kitchen where he inevitably discovers what has been going on. This story (albeit a very simple one) is intended to give the reader an increasing sense of anticipation as they near the end of the book.

The third thing I did to try to set this book apart from other flap books was to add pop-ups. The book would have worked well enough without them, but I thought that it would be a lot more fun to have each flap trigger a simple pop-up mechanism, so that the animals move as they are discovered. I also included a more complicated double page pop-up for the final spread to help give the book a satisfying ending.

The finished pop-up designs were sent to Caroline Jayne Church who created the beautiful illustrations for the book. When I first saw some scans of these illustrations, I had assumed that they were painted and had wondered how Caroline had created some of the rich subtle textures she had used. It wasn't until I was sent the original artwork that I realised that the pictures were actually collages, which had been carefully cut from dozens of different textured and coloured papers, assembled and then over-painted with black line work and other details.

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