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10 Little Monsters

Includes the original
pop-up book and

10 Little Monsters

A pop-up counting book

Illustrated by Ant Parker

Learn to count with ten mischievous monsters!
Counting is fun with a playful rhyme and ten pages of terrific pop-ups.

"Magical paper movements and ten mischievous monsters will attract the attention of young children who are struggling to learn their first number values."

Mike Simkin, CAROUSEL

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UK Hardcover • ISBN: 0753412594


Houghton Mifflin

UK Hardcover • ISBN: 753453339


Castillian Catalan
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Move you pointer from side to side over the arrow bars to see how the pop-ups work!
(You may have to wait a moment, while hidden images are loaded, before the arrow bars start to work)

The counting box set includes these puppets.
They are made from felt and cloth and are excellent likenesses of Ant Parker's book illustrations.

Illustrations © 2000 Ant Parker. Reproduced by permission of Larousse Kingfisher Chambers Inc., London .

When I'm writing a picture book text, I always bear in mind the illustrations that will accompany it. Page after page of the same characters, in the same place, doing the same sort of things, makes for a dull picture book. A good picture book will have something different to look at in each illustration. When I'm writing a pop-up text, I try to think about how the pop-ups will work as well. A lot of pop-up books feature similar pop-ups throughout (a series of snapping animal heads, for instance). But, I usually try and come up with a different type of pop-up for each page. The early drafts of Ten Little Monsters told a simple story. But, while they would have worked fine as picture book texts, I thought that they were too limited in terms of the pop-ups I could produce for them. In the end, I decided to do away with the story-telling, and came up with a text that gave the opportunity for ten different entertaining pop-ups.

When it comes to designing individual pop-ups, I try to think about how the pop-up will move as the page is turned, and not just about how it will look when it is fully "popped". Kids love playing with pull-tabs which make things move, or appear and disappear. But enthusiastic toddlers often damage these delicate pull-tab mechanisms. Many of the spreads in Ten Little Monsters are what I call pop-outs (rather than pop-ups). They are intended to produce a pull-tab-like effect by simply opening and closing the book.

"10 Little Monsters" was the first pop-up book that I had published, and I had to learn a lot about the pop-up production process in order to finish it. Difficulties will often arise because the illustrations don't fit the paper-engineering (or vice-versa depending on your point of view). Fortunately Ant Parker, who provided the colourful lively illustrations for the book, has a lot of experience working on pop-up books and, despite a tight deadline, producing the book was a relatively stress- free and enjoyable experience.

This book is for
Ivy Manning

Magical paper movements and ten mischievous monsters will attract the attention of young children who are struggling to learn their first number values. The task is made easier by these memorable creatures who have taken over the traditional human roles of reading, rowing, flying and driving a motorcar - and if any go missing they could be in your pocket, or under your bed.

Mike Simkin, CAROUSEL

     Youngsters will laugh as they learn their numbers from silly characters in "10 Little Monsters" by Jonathan Emmett and Ant Parker. Big colours and huge type enhance the simple rhyming text that makes it fun to cruise through numbers one to ten and find the monsters trying on a coat, rowing a boat, climbing a tree or swimming in the sea.


This counting book from one to ten has a different pop-up each time you turn a page, and features numbers as big as your hand. The little monsters frolic in a tree, squeeze into the same coat, fly through the sky trapeze-style, and then wave goodbye to you at the end. There are some clever touches: on the first page, one monster is reading a book with the bold number 1 on the front cover (the book pops out from the page). If we peep behind and look at what the little monster is reading, there's an exact repeat of the page we have just seen: the little monster reading a book all about number 1. My favourite image is that for number 6, where six little monsters are swimming in the sea. Their bright eyes peep above the cut-out waves, and when the pages are opened and closed gently, the monsters bob up and down on the water. Dad of a two-year-old comments: "My daughter is just becoming interested in numbers, and these monsters are great. They get up to the kinds of things she does, only they're more outrageous - at the moment anyway."


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Spanish (Castilian)
10 Monstruos Traviesos
10 Monstres Juganers
10 Petits Monstres
Rouge et Or
10 리틀 몬스터