Low-Ink Activity Sheets

A selection of activity sheets that require less ink to print for stay at home families who need to limit printer use.

CLICK on the pictures below to download the pages to your computer and then print them out.
The pages are provided in 'PDF' format, so after downloading you will be able to save them onto your computer and print them out again if wish. You can download a free copy of "Acrobat Reader", Adobe's PDF viewer, here.


Skyboy Crossword

Pig's Spot to Spot

Draw Pig by joining
the spots

Misty Monsters

Create your own
Here be Monsters
creatures by drawing
in their bodies.

Pop-Up Pig Mask


Colouring Pages



A Present
for Rosy

(1 page)


Cleopatra Bones
and the
Golden Chimpanzee

(18 pages)

Silver Serpent Cup

(24 pages)

the Moon

(3 pages)

Ruby Flew Too!

(1 page)

Callum's Incredible Construction Kit

(2 pages)

Emergency Rescue!

(5 pages)

Dig It,
Build It!

(5 pages)

Creature Colours

(8 pages)



Forest Maze

Help Rosy and Rory find their way through the forest.

Clockwork Dragon
Machine Maze

Max and Lizzie
are caught up in
their own clockwork.
Can you find a
way through the maze
from Lizzie to Max?

No Place
Like Home

Help Mole find his
way back to his
snug burrow.

The Santa Trap
Bradley's Tiger
Trouble Maze

Help Bradley find
a way to his front
door without
meeting any tigers