I am available for regular school visits to primary schools within the EAST MIDLANDS region
and for virtual visits to schools in the UK, Ireland, the US or Canada.

I'm also available for library and festival events throughout the UK.

Although I have written some chapter fiction for 7 to 9-year-olds, most of my books are picture or pop-up books, and my school sessions are centred on these.

A typical school visit day consists of up to four class sessions with optional assembly and book signing. Typical class sessions range from simple readings with reception classes to more technical “How a book is made” projector presentations for older children.

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My fees for school visits are based on the current Society of Authors Guidelines and are £450 for a full day, £300 for a half day or £150 for a single session (not exceeding an hour) plus travel expenses* and VAT*.

Small Schools' Discount: I offer a reduced rate of £350 for a full day, £250 for a half day (plus travel expenses* and VAT) to state schools whose rolls are listed as 100 pupils or less on the Ofsted web site at the time of booking.


CLICK HERE to email me to enquire about an author visit.


The Book Trust produce some excellent Resources for planning a Book Week with some contains some good general advice about setting up an author's visit.

The Society of Authors produce also produce a PDF guide to organising an author visit.

Author/illustrator Sarah McIntyre wrote this brilliant blog post with 25 tips for hosting an awesome author visit, which is also available as a checklist printout.

For some cautionary tales illustrating how NOT to organise an author's visit, check out this article on Diana Wynne Jones's web site.

* Travel expenses are simply the cost of Standard Class train and taxi fare (if any) when traveling by train, while car travel expenses are calculated at the HMRC Simplified Expenses Rate of 45 pence per mile.