All of the books in "The Conjuror's Cookbook" series have a real, cookable recipe at the back.

The recipes included with each book are listed opposite.

These recipes are all based on magical recipes in the stories, but they don't use any magic ingredients, so don't worry about having your house ransacked by goblins!

Book Title

 Recipe Included


Goblin Stew
A simple lamb stew with a vegetarian alternative.


 Sponge Pudding
A quick microwave pudding.


Golem Bread
An easy bread recipe.


 Fairy Cake
A traditional cup cake recipe.

Click here to see the recipe for Golem Bread

A note about the choice of recipes and ingredients

Shortly before I wrote these books, I heard a radio programme outlining the results of a recent survey of UK cooking habits. It revealed that, for most households, 'cooking' meant little more than heating up processed food.

I thought that this was a shame. I'm not a particularly adventurous cook, but I have always thought that there is something magical about cooking - 'real cooking', where you mix ingredients and then heat them to change them into something new. It's an act of alchemy - a magical transformation.

When I came to choose real recipes to include with the stories, I tried to choose simple recipes that have this alchemical quality, which is why I have sometimes avoided the recipe that the book is named after.

Having said this, I have reduced all the recipes to their essential ingredients. Experienced cooks might wonder why I haven't added a couple more ingredients to make a tastier "Goblin Stew" or why I haven't used something a little tastier than 'plain' flour in the recipe for 'Golem Bread'. The reason is that the same survey also revealed that many homes have no more than the most basic cooking ingredients. So I decided to try to stick to ingredients that most households were likely to have or those that could be bought in quantities that could be used-up in a couple of meals.

Illustration © 2000 Colin Paine. Reproduced by permission of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., London .