Children's Book Links

This is a list of links to other children's books sites on the web

Sites about Children's Books


This excellent, long-established children's books site and has a selection of news, reviews and interviews with leading children's authors.

Word Pool

This site has lots of useful information including reviews, author profiles and advice for aspiring author's and illustrators.

Books Unlimited -
Children and Teens

This is the children's literature section of the UK Guardian and Observer Newspapers' web site featuring many interesting articles, interviews and reviews.

Author Hotline

Aimed chiefly at schools, this site is a resource of author, illustrator and poet profiles.


Illustrators' Sites and Blogs

These are the websites and blogs of some of the illustrators I've worked with.

The UK Children's Books site feature links to many more author and illustrator sites.

Deborah Allwright

Illustrator of
She'll Be Coming
Round the Mountain

Poly Bernatene

Illustrator of
The Santa Trap and
The Princess and the Pig.
Poly also has a blog here.

Mark Chambers

Illustrator of
Wanda Wallaby
Finds Her Bounce

Martin Chatterton

Illustrator of
Danny Dreadnought
Saves the World

Caroline Jayne Church

Illustrator of
Leaf Trouble,
A Mouse Inside the Marmalade
and A Turtle in the Toilet.

Steve Cox

Illustrator of
Pigs Might Fly and
The Treasure of Captan Claw.
Steve also has a blog here.

Elys Dolan

Illustrator of
The Clockwork Dragon

Ed Eaves

Iillustrator of
Pirate Pussycat and
Tyrannosaurus Rocks!

Christyan Fox

Iillustrator of
Zoom!, Dig It, Build It!
and Emergency Rescue!

Elena Gomez

Iillustrator of
Through the Heart
of the Jungle.

Rebecca Harry

Illustrator of
the Ruby Books and
Foxes in the Snow.

Daniel Howarth

Illustrator of
I Love You
Always and Forever

Penny Ives

Illustrator of
Fox's New Coat
curtis jobling

Curtis Jobling

Illustrator of
Dinosaurs After Dark.

Ben Mantle

Illustrator of
Callum's Incredible
Construction Kit
Ben also has a blog here.



Mark Oliver

Illustrator of
Monsters - An Owner's Guide
and Aliens - An Owner's Guide.

Andy Parker

Illustrator of the
Captain Comet books

Nathan Reed

Illustrator of
What Friend's Do Best

Thomas Taylor

Illustrator of
Rabbit's Day Off.


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