Other Pop-Ups

These are prototype pop-ups for an unpublished book

This is a spread from the first pop-up book I ever designed called "Here Be Monsters"

It was a simple story about a little girl called Maggie who finds a magic map which showed an island inhabited by monsters.

Click here to see a later version of the map.

Maggie sets off to find the island, but while she does not see a single monster on her journey, as each page opens, the reader can see what she cannot.

At the end of the book the reader discovers that the island Maggie has journeyed to is itself a gigantic monster – an idea I stole from the First Voyage of Sinbad.

I tried to re-cycle most of the pop-up ideas from "Here Be Monsters" in another unpublished project called "Monster Park".

In this version, a little boy can see the monsters although his father does not see any . . .

. . . until the end of the book!

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